Our Mission

Herskind & Agarwal is an attempt by two young men to publish independent analysis on various industries.

The goal is to produce industry knowledge for readers across the spectrum of experience with the industry. Our efforts at explaining industries will be helped along by various guest posters with deep industry expertise.

The end goal is to lead you, the reader, across an industry from initial comprehension to a deep understanding of industry dynamics.

We categorize our posts as such:

Primers are overviews of the industry. The aim is to give you a shallow comprehension of the essential elements at play in the industry.  Primers aim to combine qualitative descriptions of industry dynamics with concrete numbers on capital intensity, profitability, and cost structure. They also serve as the stepping stone to access our higher-level essays.

Once you’ve read a primer you should have enough knowledge to comfortably read and dissect new industry information independently.

Essays serve as in-depth explanations of dynamics that currently shape the industries we look at. The topics are often esoteric and generally uncovered, but informally understood by most industry participants. The essays are an attempt to give you tidbits of important expert knowledge from each field.

Combining these two resources should take any beginner to an intermediate level of industry comprehension.

In the future the goal is to create a platform for interviews, guest authors, and proprietary research on an industry-by-industry basis, but we’ll see about that.